March 5, 2011

000 General Disclaimer

There are at least four general limitations to these natural health columns that you should keep in mind while reading them.

1. The first is that I am no expert on anything. Most of my information is gleaned from books, magazine & journal articles, and internet posts. As always, the accuracy of the information presented is only as good as the sources. Where possible I prefer to go to the original source eg medical journal article.

2. The space constraint limits me to about 300 words to fit in a two-column by 6 inch newspaper ad. There is always much more I would like to write about a topic -  exceptions to explain, items to elaborate, sources to quote.

3. Time constraint is the third limitation. I can only afford to devote 2-4 hours a week researching, writing and proofing each column.

4. Finally I must admit a bias for natural solutions for most health problems. I believe that many overlooked, under appreciated, and sometimes actively suppressed, natural products and treatments are safer and more effective than current standard practices in North America.

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