March 9, 2011

070 Ideal Protein Diet report [5 July 2010]

Well I have finished my first week on the diet. Results? I lost a whopping 11.4 lbs and 10.5 inches (total from many different measurements). I gained a notch on my belt. And I feel fine.

The first week is supposed to be the hardest but I found the program easy to follow. With the Starter Pack I got to try many of the Ideal Protein foods and discovered which ones I like best. Yes, I had my moments of hunger and weakness but survived with hardly any cheating.

I am enjoying the 5 oz steak (or similar lean meat) that is required as part of the supper meal. While 5 oz is about half of what I would normally eat, it is substantial and by cutting it up in very small pieces I’ve learned to prolong the enjoyment. I already like salads so that wasn’t a problem and I’ve ordered some compatible salad dressings to improve the taste.

The program predicts an average weight loss of 4-7 lbs for men and 3-5 for women. The first week is often higher because of loss of excess fluid. High insulin levels in the blood tend to cause the body to retain sodium and therefore water. Insulin also increases excretion of potassium and magnesium. Controlling insulin allows the electrolyte balance to normalize and less fluid is retained. This also explains why high blood pressure improves quickly (within a few weeks) on the diet.

Another benefit of the diet is normalization of blood lipids (cholesterol & triglycerides). Again high insulin is a factor in increasing production of cholesterol. After 4-6 weeks on the program the blood lipids improve significantly. More good news – the blood pressure and blood lipid improvements continue after the program is completed.

So I can’t expect to continue at 11 lbs a week. However another two weeks should bring me to my goal of 195. By the time you read this I should be almost there. Who knows, I may even decide to push for 190.

This article is intended for educational purposes only; for medical advice consult your licensed health practitioner.

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