March 5, 2011

038 Oil of Oregano [16 Nov 2009]

The use of oregano oil as an herbal remedy was popularized by Dr. Cass Ingram in his books “The Cure is in the Cupboard” (2001) and “Natural Cures for Killer Germs” (2004).

Oil of Oregano is the essential oil of a particular Mediterranean species of wild oregano plant, which is a member of the mint family. The oil is steam distilled at low temperature and unrefined. The main active ingredient is carvacrol, a type of phenol. The essential oil is sometimes diluted 1:4 with olive oil to make it safer to use.

Oil of Oregano has been found to be amazingly effective in killing all forms of infectious agents: bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. No other substance is known to work so well on so many different pathogens and still be safe to take internally. So far there does not appear to be evidence of pathogens developing a resistance to carvacrol.

Oil of Oregano has been used effectively in treating bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitical infections. It can also be used preventatively to boost your immune system and keep you from becoming ill in the first place. The oil can be applied externally to the skin or taken internally. When applying it to the skin, dilute further with a pure vegetable oil such as olive if a burning sensation is felt. The best way to take it internally is a few drops under the tongue. Warning though - it has a bite to it and takes some getting used to. You can also mix the oil with juice or water and simply drink it.

In addition to its anti microbial properties, oil of oregano has anti inflammatory and pain relieving properties.

Oil of Oregano may be effective in helping many conditions that may surprise you: asthma and allergies; peptic ulcer; sinusitis; toothaches and gum disease; acne and warts; arthritis and back pain; nail fungus and athlete’s foot; psoriasis, shingles and eczema.

Medicinal quality oil of oregano can also be used to flavor foods like soups, salads and casseroles.

This powerful and versatile herbal remedy should be in every medicine cabinet and first aid kit. Be careful in shopping for oil of oregano. The best and most effective oils are labeled Wild Mediterranean Oregano or contain an extract called P73.

This article is intended for educational purposes only; for medical advice consult your licensed health practitioner.

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