March 12, 2011

086 Anne’s Story [25 October 2010]

Please bear with me for one more column on the Ideal Protein Diet. This is the story of Anne Livingston. You may remember her as the Anne of Green Gables Framing Gallery in Biggar. In her words…

How many diets have I tried? Many! I have to admit I would lose weight on every one of these diets. Every time I lost up to 30 lbs and every time I gained all the weight back and more! When I married in 1975 I weighed 110 lbs, Two weeks before discovering Ideal Protein, I topped the scale at 200! I suffered from chronic pain for over 20 years, and each day I consumed Tylenol, Ibuprofen, high blood pressure pills, cholesterol pills and antidepressants. I was in pain – mentally and physically. I craved sugars, fats and alcohol. In 1995 I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and by the year 2000 arthritis had become an extreme issue. I had trouble getting up in the morning and movement was a “big issue”. I had become “a mess” and was extremely unhappy.

It took courage to start another new diet, but this one made total sense to me! I decided to “act” and start on not only a weight loss journey but also a journey to improve my health! I have now lost 40 lbs (yes – I broke the “30 lb curse”)! I no longer take the prescription medications and seldom have to use pain killers. My severe heartburn (acid reflux) cleared up after two weeks on the program. I finally feel like I have seen the end of the weight-loss and weight-gain yo-yo. I feel confident that I will reach my weight loss goal of losing 70lbs and keep it off! The program has given me the tools to ensure that the weight will not return during vacations, other events, and throughout my “life”. The Ideal protein weight loss program has given me a gift – the gift of self confidence and self preservation! In short I feel wonderful.

Anne was so impressed with the Ideal Protein program that she decided to open a clinic in Biggar. The “Annie Things Possible Weight Loss Clinic” is located in Angie’s Hair Salon at 219 Main Street. Anne can be reached at 948-7274 and 948-3696.

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