March 8, 2011

047 A Discovery of TRUE HOPE [25 January 2010]

The discovery of a vitamin mineral supplement that has now helped thousands
of mental health patients lead richer more normal lives came about as an
answer to prayer. Anthony Stephan's wife Debora who suffered from bipolar
disorder committed suicide in 1994, and a year later two of his ten children
were diagnosed with the severest form of the same condition. In desperation
he cried out to God to save his family.

By chance he met David Hardy, an animal feed formulator, and told him his
story. Hardy remembered cases of pigs with aggressive behavior responding
well to a nutritional supplement. Together they developed a human formula
which they later called EMPowerplus. This supplement worked so well on
Anthony's daughter Autumn and son Joe that word started to spread and soon
hundreds of people were using the formula. Stephan and Hardy then formed a
company, which they called Truehope, to produce and improve the supplement.

Research scientists from the U. of Lethbridge and U. of Calgary became
interested and began to study the supplement. A preliminary human trial of
360 people showed very good results and further studies are underway.

Meanwhile Health Canada launched a court case in 2006 to stop the Truehope
company from selling this "illegal drug" to thousands of Canadians who had
come to depend on EMPowerplus for their renewed health and often their very
lives. The judge ruled in favor of Truehope: "The Defendants were
overwhelmingly compelled to disobey the D.I.N. regulation in order to
protect the health, safety and well-being of the users.".

My sister Evelyn is a great promoter of EMPowerplus. She has encouraged many
of her friends who were suffering from bipolar disorder, OCD, or depression
to try the program. They have all been grateful to her for getting back
their lives. One of these is my daughter Saryn who became depressed within a
year of the birth of her daughter three years ago. Since starting on
EMPowerplus she has regained her energy, her ability to concentrate and to
make decisions; she no longer cries for no reason or has feelings of
worthlessness; and feels that life is again worth living. Her husband Dan
can tell if she misses her supplement by even one dose.

EMPowerplus is not available in stores. To obtain the product you must
register with the Truehope company and be placed on their support program
(which is included in the price). Contact them at 888-878-3467 or More information is available on their website

This article is intended for educational purposes only; for medical advice consult your licensed health practitioner.

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