March 12, 2011

081 Pre and Post Surgery [20 September 2010]

I have an elective surgery scheduled for next month so wondered how I could naturally prepare my body for surgery and speed recovery afterwards.
• A week prior to surgery discontinue any herbs that may increase bleeding such as white willow bark, yarrow, dong quai, ginseng, turmeric, cayenne, gotu kola, green tea, ginger and garlic. (Chamomile is thought to be a concern here but has no anticoagulant effects so is safe.) Melatonin, St. John’s Wort, yohimbe and licorice may increase the effects of the anesthetic so should be discontinued.
• Milk thistle is great for assisting the liver to detox from the anesthesia drugs and can be taken up to a day before and for several months after.
• A short detox cleanse is great to do in the month prior to surgery. Drink plenty of water to flush the released toxins and hydrate the body.
• To prevent infections boost the immune system prior to surgery with vitamin C, and echinacea. Take a good probiotic to build up the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract.
• Apply vitamin E oil to the area of surgery for a few days before.
• Vitamin C with bioflavonoids, gotu kola and grape seed extract help repair connective tissue. An iron tonic will help replace any lost blood.
• The amino acid glutamine has been shown to safely speed post-surgery healing. An amino acid complex could be taken with it to provide all the essential AAs.
• These supplements should all be discussed with your doctor prior to surgery.

I am reminded of a limerick my Uncle Vince May (formerly of Fiske) used to quote:
There once was a man with a hernia
Who said to the doctor “Goldernia –
When fixing my middle,
Please do not fiddle
With matters that do not concernia.”

This article is intended for educational purposes only; for medical advice consult your licensed health practitioner.

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  1. Dr. Gifford-Jones wrote this on the subject

    Silly Hospital Advice

    Andrew W. Saul, Editor of Orthomolecular Medicine, reports some asinine advice given to him before surgery. It was also given to me. We both ignored it.

    The advice? Stop taking multivitamins and vitamin C a week before surgery. But every nutrition book that’s ever been written stresses high doses of C are needed for sound wound healing. Studies also show stress, such as surgery, eats up vitamin C.

    Saul continued to take tens of thousands of C until the day before surgery as an empty stomach is required for anesthesia. But he again started to take an average of 70,000 milligrams the first post-operative day.

    Every year over 100 million operations are performed in North America. 99 percent of these patients are lacking in vitamin C and therefore face the increased risk of wound infection and poor healing.

    Remember, I’m not your doctor. But I believe science rather than bureaucratic hospital advice.

    September 9, 2015