March 8, 2011

049 Quantum Biofeedback [8 February 2010]

As mentioned last week, Quantum Biofeedback is a type of advanced biofeedback using a computerized electronic device and a powerful software program. QB combines Western and Eastern medical theory with quantum physics, non-linear mathematics, and trinary computer logic.

Quantum Biofeedback is used for:
• Stress reduction
• Relaxation training
• Muscle re-education
• Pain management
• Brain wave training

Reducing stress is the main benefit of Quantum Biofeedback. With the help of QB we can comfortably and non-invasively look at your body’s reaction to common stressors, which may be physical, mental or emotional. We can then begin to train your body to better handle these stressors.

In the biofeedback sessions, the client is seated with straps around the wrists, ankles and forehead. A typical session lasts 1.5 to 2 hours. Most people find the biofeedback experience completely comfortable and relaxing.

Some of the possible benefits include:
• Reduction of stress and tension
• Easier to fall asleep and stay asleep
• Deeper state of relaxation during sleep
• Increase in calmness and peacefulness
• Reduced feelings of anxiety, depression and anger
• Enhanced mental clarity, concentration and memory
• Reduced intensity of pain and stress
• Enhanced muscle mobility
• Improved general health

It’s impossible to describe all that Quantum Biofeedback can do, and especially what it can do for you. The best way to find out is to experience it for yourself.

To learn more about Quantum Biofeedback, view the online demonstration at

This article is intended for educational purposes only; for medical advice consult your licensed health practitioner.

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