March 5, 2011

036 Homeopathy [2 Nov 2009]

Homeopathy is probably the least well understood of the natural healing professions. This is because its underlying theories are paradoxically opposite to conventional medicine.

First, homeopathy is based on the “law of similars” sometimes described as “like cures like”. A remedy for a particular ailment uses dilute solutions of a substance (plant, mineral or animal tissue) which would in normal doses cause that ailment. For example one remedy for restless legs contains arsenic (12X) and poison ivy (6X).

The second paradox is that the more dilute the remedy, the stronger its effect. The original tincture is diluted many times over with distilled water in a particular process called “potentisation”. The resulting product, either of a single ingredient or combination, is called a “remedy”. The potency of each step is labeled as 1X for 1/10, 2X for 1/100 and so on to 12X and even 200X. Beyond 12X there is unlikely to be even one molecule of the original substance in a dose. This is comforting when the ingredient is a toxin like arsenic or snake venom! But unlike the dose-dependant effects of other health products, the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies increases with the dilution. This can be only understood by realizing that homeopathy is a form of energy medicine, not chemical medicine – it is the particular frequency of energy stored in the remedy that is the “active ingredient”.

With Classical Homeopathy, a highly trained practitioner takes a detailed case history and seeks to find the single remedy that best fits the complete symptom picture – physical, emotional and mental (this is another radical difference from modern medicine where you are more likely to get a different prescription for each symptom).

Homeopathic remedies available in Canadian health food stores are mostly combinations of remedies formulated for a particular problem. They are usually in the form of sublingual tablets but may also be tinctures, creams, and gels. Popular homeopathic combinations have been formulated for anxiety, headache, migraines, backache, leg cramps, sciatica, colds & flu, allergy & hayfever, sinus, sleeplessness, PMS & menopause, and many more. Children’s formulas include teething, colic, bedwetting and earache. Cell Salts, a system of 12 homeopathic mineral remedies developed by Dr. W.H. Schuessler, are also readily available.

Homeopathic remedies are safe, gentle and effective with few if any contraindications, side effects or drug interactions. This makes them a popular choice for every member of the family, from babies to the elderly.

This article is intended for educational purposes only; for medical advice consult your licensed health practitioner.

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