March 12, 2011

095 Internal Cleansing [3 January 2011]

The beginning of a new year is a good time to renew our health through a detoxing cleanse. We wash the outside of our bodies daily, but how often do we cleanse the inside? The buildup of toxins within our cells and organs which occurs from exposures to toxic chemicals in our daily life can slowly rob us of our health.

Our bodies have 7 channels of elimination for toxins:
• Lymphatic System – moves waste products from the cells to the blood
• Blood – carries nutrients to and waste products away from the cells
• Liver – converts toxins into forms which can be safely eliminated
• Colon – eliminates waste from our food and from the liver
• Kidneys – filter and eliminate water soluble waste
• Lungs – expel toxins through our breath
• Skin – our largest organ, eliminates waste through perspiration

These channels of elimination can become clogged or overworked and need help to restore them to full function. Natural cleanses are available which use herbs and nutrients that nourish, support and stimulate these organs. There are additional cleanses for eliminating yeast and parasitic infections and toxic metals. Another is vascular cleansing – previously discussed in 28 June 2010 column – which helps remove arterial plaque (this is the cleanse I plan to do next).

Benefits from cleansing can include:
• Reduced fatigue, increased energy, improved mood
• Improved digestion and assimilation of nutrients, reduced allergies
• Healthier skin, reduced headaches, reduced joint and muscle pain
• Improved overall health and vitality

This article is intended for educational purposes only; for medical advice consult your licensed health practitioner.

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