April 27, 2015

316 Stress & Anxiety [27 April 2015]

Stress is defined as the non-specific response to change, which often affects mental and physical health. Stress is unavoidable and some stress is in fact essential to life. Where it becomes a concern is when chronic stress keeps us in the “fight or flight” response 24/7.

Chronic stress is a factor in almost all disease – particularly physical conditions like muscle tension, pain, and fatigue, and mental or emotional conditions like depression, OCD, and anxiety. Natural health products have been formulated to manage the stress response before it causes mental or physical disease. These include ingredients like:
• Melissa (lemonbalm) – increases GABA in the brain
• Rhodiola – moderates neurotransmitter activity
• Ashwagandha – reduces the amount of cortisol needed for stress response
• L-theanine – promotes mood balance and relaxation, increases alpha brain waves
• Choline – precursor for many neurotransmitters
• Inositol – modulates serotonin activity in the brain
• 5-HTP – supports theanine in mood regulation

Anxiety is a mental health condition which is often a reaction to stress. The normal emotions of worry and fear take over our lives and lead to mental and physical symptoms. The first natural health product licensed by Health Canada specifically for anxiety includes:
• Passionflower – relieves feelings of anxiousness
• Ashwagandha – reduces stress and nervousness
• L-theanine – promotes relaxation, reduces tension & anxiety
• American ginseng – supports brain function and memory
• Holy basil – improves resistance to stress

Why let stress and anxiety take over your life when you can manage them safely and effectively with all-natural products.

Source: www.veeva.ca

For more information on this or other natural health topics, stop in and talk to Stan; for medical advice consult your licensed health practitioner.

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