June 25, 2012

171 The Insect Repellent You Eat [25 June 2012]

Finally, a mosquito repellent that you eat! Doesn’t sound very appetizing, but that’s because we think of insect repellent as smelly, toxic creams or sprays. Xerion Dispensary Ltd, the developers of this remarkable new product they called Mozi-Q, insists it is safe with no known side effects. Health Canada must agree, as the product received approval for sale in Canada last month.

Xerion is a Calgary homeopathic clinic, the largest in western Canada. Mozi-Q is their first homeopathic product brought to market. A few years ago they discovered, in a textbook, a homeopathic remedy for keeping mosquitoes away and started to sell it in their clinic. Over four years of testing they improved the formula with four additional remedies. It worked so well they decided to manufacture it.

Mozi-Q works two ways: it greatly reduces the frequency of insect bites and also reduces your reaction should you get bitten anyway – no more itchy red bumps! It works on other bugs too besides mosquitoes – including flies, ticks, head lice and bed bugs.

Mozi-Q starts to work about 30 minutes after you take the first tablet, which is dissolved under the tongue. It lasts 3-5 hours before you need another one; there is no limit to how many you can take in a day. Because it is a homeopathic, it is non-toxic, has no contraindications for use, and does not react with any medication or herb. It is also safe for pregnancy, babies and children.

Now whenever mosquitoes start “bugging” you this summer, just pop a pill and they’ll leave you alone. Warning - always carry the box with you when you go out because your friends will want one too.

To learn more about Mozi-Q and Xerion Dispensary see www.mozi-q.com.
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  1. i just bought mozi-q today directly from Xerion homeopathie. ***it did NOT work*** the instructions (and the lady at the store who sold it to me) told me to take it 30 minutes before i went outside. she said to chew the pill a tiny little bit and then place it under my tongue so it can be absorbed sublingually, so i let it fully dissolve. it says it will work for 3-5 hours. i took it at 830pm i went outside at 10pm braved the outdoors in my backyard of urban suburban calgary, and i got 11 big mosquito welts in 15 min … and then ran inside frantically searching for my afterbite

    so $26.24 for 60 tabs… i should have wasted that money at stampede instead, so now i’m going back to my citronella spray with essential oils of eucalyptus & tea tree as that at least worked for me for the most part

  2. Thanks Heather. Sorry for the delay in publishing your comment - I keep forgetting to check them. I've been getting similar feedback at my store here - it seems to work for some people, but not all. I started to sell them by the card for $5 so people can try them first before buying a full box. Should have tried it first before writing about it, but it came highly recommended by a friend. Like to hear from anyone else who has used them...