February 27, 2012

154 The Coconut Oil Diet [27 February 2012]

Last week I shared how Dr. Mary Newport discovered that MCT and coconut oil improved her husband Steve’s symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Several years after starting the MCT program, Steve has maintained the improvements: he can accurately recall events from days or weeks ago, he can read again, he is happier and smiles more, his taste has returned, he can stick to jobs like vacuuming or mowing the lawn, and his sense of humor is back. In short, Steve’s quality of life (and that of his wife!) has improved significantly. What exactly is he taking?

Steve takes a 4:3 ratio mix of MCT oil and coconut oil – 3 tbs at each meal and 2 at bedtime. He eats a low-carbohydrate whole-food diet and also takes vitamins and a fish oil supplement. Despite the high fat diet, Steve has dropped 10 pounds and has healthy blood lipid levels. (As I’ve explained in several earlier columns, coconut oil does not increase the risk of heart disease).

Dr. Newport learned of other ketone research that showed that ketones not only provide fuel to the brain cells but also promote the growth and development of nerve cells including the brain. This was exciting because it showed that ketones had the potential to not only ameliorate symptoms of dementia but possibly even reverse the damage. Thus the word “Cure” in the title of her book is not an over-optimistic exaggeration.

In her book “Alzheimer’s Disease – What If There Was a Cure?” Newport shares tips for adding coconut oil in your diet.
• start slowly as it can cause intestinal upset and diarrhea
• select virgin unrefined coconut oil and MCT oil
• MCT Coconut Salad Oil with Chia (for omega3 efa) has the ideal ratio
• add it to foods, substituting for other fats in cooking and baking
• take it with each meal as the ketones stay in the blood about 3 hours with MCT oil and 6-8 hours with coconut oil
• be patient if you don’t see results immediately, sometime it takes longer to work.

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