November 7, 2011

139 Ten Tips for a Healthy Heart [7 November 2011]

What can we do naturally to keep our heart healthy? Dr. Zolton Rona wrote an article in 2007 with these 10 tips:

1. Eat more heart-friendly foods: garlic, berries, turmeric, green tea, citrus fruits for vitamin C and bioflavonoids, broccoli & other cruciferous vegetables, fish & flaxseed for omega 3. carrots & other high carotenoid foods.
2. Don’t smoke. If exposed to second hand smoke, take 1-2,000 mg vitamin C daily.
3. Instead of dieting, control weight by avoiding processed foods, especially sugar. Note: the Ideal Protein Diet is heart friendly because it preserves muscle while lowering high insulin levels which stress the heart.
4. Exercise daily – minimum 30 minutes of aerobic exercise.
5. Take heart-healthy supplements. See full article on website for suggested list.
6. Control stress to protect the heart.
7. Drink alcohol and coffee in moderation – a glass of red wine and 1 cup of coffee daily may benefit the heart. For additional beverages substitute green tea.
8. Besides cholesterol, have your blood tested regularly for glucose, ferritin, homocysteine, alpha-lipoprotein, fibrinogen and highly sensitive C-reactive protein, high levels of which are associated with a higher risk of heart problems.
9. Check blood pressure regularly.
10. Read health and nutrition magazines and websites to keep up with the latest research (this article is already four years old).

You can read the full article on my website. Click the Exan Website button to open the Health Tools website. Then click Health Articles > 2007 > February > Features and scroll down to the article. While there, explore the hundreds of other articles on many different natural health topics.

This article is intended for educational purposes only; for medical advice consult your licensed health practitioner.

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