August 15, 2011

127 Toxic Mold [15 August 2011]

After this wet spring and summer, there could be mold growing in your home. Mold thrives in cool, moist dark areas like our basements. Mold is never good news and some, like black mold, is downright toxic. Spores and chemicals produced by mold can result in severe health problems like headaches, allergies and respiratory disease in people with compromised immune systems. To eliminate mold in your house, first block the moisture source and dry the affected area. Moldy material like wallboard may have to be removed. Get advice from an experienced professional or visit a reputable website like the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp [].

Something I have learned about that you may not find on these websites is the Thieves© blend of essential oils which has been shown to be very effective in cleaning mold. Dan Burke, a construction business owner had so much mold on his boat he thought it would be a total loss. He bought and applied 8 different cleaners – including bleach – plus some Thieves© blend from his mother-in-law. To his surprise, Thieves© removed the mold most completely and it lasted the longest []. Edward Close, a mold consultant with 30 years experience, discovered that Thieves© worked much better for eliminating mold spores than the strongest hospital disinfectant available [].

Experience has shown that for best results, first diffuse Thieves© for 24-48 hours to remove spores from the room. Then clean visible mold with Thieves© Household Cleaner wearing a mask, goggles and rubber gloves. Thieves© is powerful, long-lasting, safe to use (it’s included in my toothpaste) and even smells nice. The name comes from robbers entering homes where people were dead and dying during the Black Plague in Europe who used the herbs in the Thieves© formula to protect themselves from the disease.

This article is intended for educational purposes only; for medical advice consult your licensed health practitioner.

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